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    "...You have to understand accounting. It is a language of business and it is an imperfect language unless you put effort to learn accounting to read and interpret accounts..."  

    Warren Buffet

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Payroll management

We advise on handling of HR matters, processing of payroll and HR administration issues. Further, our automated payroll and HR system coupled with our professional financial and business advisory team gives the definitive edge over others.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in the application for work permits, employment passes and permanent residency

  • Drafting and finalizing of Employees Handbook

  • Generation of HR related documents e.g. employment, increment letters etc

  • Human Resource Management

  • Payroll outsourcing including monthly processing of payroll, reporting to CPF Board.

  • Preparation of tax returns in respect of income earned by staffs e.g. IR21, IR8A

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Neo Joo Lee
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