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    "...It is not simply a case of having a set of procedures and processes, nor is it just about having controls in place. Reliance on poor controls is often worst tha having no controls at all..."  

    Tony Rawlins

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IT and Consultancy

With fast growing pace of business, Information Technology is an essential tool to help companies to improve productivity, growth of business and creates awareness of your products. With good IT systems, information can be retrieve within seconds wherever you may be located and products can be marketed across the world via internet.

We have the expertise to provide you from suggesting IT solutions to managing, implementing and deploying the applications/solutions. Our directors are PMP qualified and we are directly connected to grants given by IE, Spring and IDA. In addition to PIC given by IRAS on 60% of cost paid, it is worth considering upgrading your Computer System to cater to your expansion.

Our Services includes:

  • IT Solution (software, hardware, IT process) consultancy

  • IT Project Management

  • IT support and Hosting Environment

  • Implementation and Deployment of Applications

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Joshua Ong
+65 6533 4331 ext 130