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    "...You have to understand accounting. It is a language of business and it is an imperfect language unless you put effort to learn accounting to read and interpret accounts..."  

    Warren Buffet

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Accounting record and financial reporting is the core basis in many investment decisions and management decision making.  The wealth and health of the company is revealed within the financial reports generated from reliable and accurate bookkeeping work carried out by reliable professionals based on proper supporting documents maintained under a strict and adequate internal control system.

We provide team of professional, experienced and adequately qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing our clients with generation of financial statements for the purpose of management decision making, audit and for potential investors who seek to invest in companies with good net worth.

We provide the following services:

  • Set up of accounting systems of recording and documentation including policies and procedures, computerization of accounting records and planning as well as setting up the chart of accounts that cater to the industry requirements and management needs.

  • Assisting companies to maintain proper record of transactions by assisting to update all accounting and business transactions on computerized accounting software.

  • Generate financial statements, supporting schedules and accounting books & records as legislatively required under the Companies Act and Financial Reporting standards.

  • Provide consultancy and advisory on business performance and improvements to internal control system.

  • Arranging for administrative and accounting support staff to companies while their full time staff is on long leave or hold the fort while the company is in the process of engaging full time staff.

  • Providing assistance in preparation of cash flow projections and variance analysis.

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