• Assurance

    "...There are limits to the technology of auditing and are limits to how much society is willing to spend to have the auditors checking every transaction..."

    Dean Randy Deatty

Corporate Advisory
Corporate Secretarial - IPO
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External Audit Services

As the world economy moves towards becoming a knowledge based market place, it is critical for any business to maintain a set of financial information that conform to the latest relevant standards. With so much change in the standards each year, it is always very difficult for smaller SMP audit firms and Unqualified Accountants to cope with these changes.


Business Risk Advisory

Risk is a natural occurring component of any environment, taking stock of the risk and managing it has become a critical part of business management. Managing the risk well means being able to implement corrective actions, prevent unnecessary losses and identifying potential opportunities.



As companies progress and grow bigger and expand, they may need to transact with multinationals, local and foreign Governments who may not know the quality of our local companies. To give them adequate assurance, it is thus inevitable that these companies acquire certain world renowned accreditation to give these customers and assurance of their quality.